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Instagram Explained

Instagram is a social media platform developed by Facebook, whose selling point, and primary focus is sharing photos and videos. The application has been available since October 2010 exclusively for iOS devices, and since the year 2012, it’s been available on Android, and most recently, Windows 10 computer & Windows 10 mobile devices. What’s unique with Instagram is, it’s purely a photo & video-based app. Initially, the photo size was limited to a square ratio of 1:1 but an update to it allows you to post full-size photos. Users can, however, add extras including captions for the said post, and really impressive filters to spice up your photos and videos.

The app allows you to add locations through geotags for friends and clients to find you. Moreover, the app has a rich linking algorithm that uses hashtags to link your posts to similar content featuring the same overall subject or content. Another great feature with Instagram is the fact that it allows you to connect your account to other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, VKontake,, and Ameba, among others. These connections come in handy when one wishes to post a photo or video on either of the mentioned social networks. Posting the photo on Instagram then linking it to the rest will automatically post for you the same exact photo including the geotag, caption, and hashtag.

Instagram has an “Explore” tab that lets you search or view trending tags and popular posts. It also displays photos taken at the same tagged geolocation, curated posts and recommended videos. The social network also allows you to send direct messages to other persons, including disappearing photos and tags to posts you want them to view. The direct messaging supports group messaging, a really cool feature for private chats, and sharing. As of mid-last year, the app also introduced a “Stories” feature which allows one to post a photo or short video that disappears after 24 hours.

SMM for Instagram

With that deep understanding of Instagram, it’s clear why the social platform is a great tool for social media for business. Let’s break it down.

It’s perfect for marketing with photos & videos

Social media for business thrives in Instagram due to its primal focus of photos and videos. Businesses marketing their products and services can post photos of the products available and services offered, with a short caption of the product/service including the price and description.


Instagram’s feature of incorporating Metadata like geotags favors businesses as clients can simply click on the geotag and view the location of your store or offices. Moreover, the tagging feature that allows you to link a video directly with another person is amazing for sharing marketing posts with different branches of your business or associates.

Great for trending topics

Instagram’s feature of adding hashtags to your post in order to link it to trending or popular topics of interest or other posts of similar content can be used to the advantage of social media for businesses. Trending topics go viral, literally. They are a wave of excitement moving across the social media platform, getting everyone online interested in talking about it, sharing the same posts as well as posting related photos and memes. Social media marketers like we at Social Media Marketing San Diego know how to make any and all trending topics relevant to your business. As the trending topic hits masses, we make sure that you are part of the wave, creating exposure for your businesses.

Numbers don’t lie

By April 2017, Instagram ranked at no. 11 on most popular social media services with 600,000,000 users. That number is ridiculously impressive considering the market base your products and services stand to reach through social media for business. Instagram demographics are also impressive, with 90% of the users being aged under 35 (trendy and pop cultured) and 53% of this number having a habit of following brands.

Advertisement and Promotional deals

Instagram has a courtesy policy that allows businesses to pay for promotions and sponsored content in form of “post ads”. They use your company’s username, photos, and other relevant metadata to promote or “sponsor” your firm. This is additional marketing on your part, for a very considerable fee.

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