Is SMM A Cheaper Marketing Tool Compared To Plain SEO?

Is SMM A Cheaper Marketing Tool Compared To Plain SEO?
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A well-crafted digital awareness initiative requires a generous measure of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) coupled with consistent Social Media Marketing (SMM). The reality is that having budgetary constraints may limit your online activities, but you cannot choose one tool over the other.

A brief background on the two

  1. Social Media Marketing

In SMM you use social networks to promote your brand. When social media first hit the global scene, people went ballistic. Out of nowhere, you could now interact with family and friends through chat, photos and videos. Shortly, after that, marketers saw an opportunity to utilize the platform for business promotion. Today, Social Media Marketing helps you build a reputation by finding people who can rally behind your brand.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

On the other hand, SEO enables you to configure your website’s structure, content, the look and coding for easy crawling by the search engines. When internet users look for something, and your web page comes up on top, you get more traffic which translates to sales. People who browse the web are either looking for answers to questions or solutions to their problems. As a marketing tool, SEO helps you target specific consumers who would find your products or services useful.

A sneak peek at cost aspects

SEO consultancy

One may find it difficult to place a specific price tag on SEO services. What you pay a consultant depends on the agreed activities. The approximate cost ranges from $350 to around $2,000 per month. Concerning hourly rates, you can spend anything between $80 to $200 per hour. However, the key consideration here is the project scope.

SMM outsourcing

Again, what you pay for Social Media Marketing depends on your budget. Also, the experience and reputation of the outsourced media agency come into play. At the same time, factors such as the range of services sought and size of your company influence the cost. A reputable SMM service provider will charge from between $1,000 and $20,000 per month

Payment models available

Marketing agencies offer you four options. You could opt for a monthly retainer where you pay a fixed amount every month. Alternatively, you can choose contract services provided by nearly every agency. Also, you may find project-based pricing reasonable. Here, the price varies depending on the selected project. Lastly, there is the hourly consulting model where you pay a consultant by the clock.

Important tips

SEO does not yield immediate results, therefore treat it as an investment that will benefit you in the long-term. It is wise that you choose a monthly retainer. Also, hire an agency to do SEO marketing as compared to having an in-house team. Similarly, successful SMM campaigns depend on the service and channel bucket you desire to implement. Here too, the retainer option looks appealing.

All in all, you cannot say with finality that SMM is cheaper than SEO or the other way around. The scope of work, choice of outsourced service and your budget all team up to influence the cost.

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