Social Media Marketing San Diego

Social Media Marketing San Diego

Social Media; the world’s chatroom, the one thing millions and millions of people cannot go a day, some a few hours, without. Take a second and think about it. An existing leeway to reach anybody and everybody with just a few clicks or taps on your device. Moms, Dads, kids (especially teenagers) and young adults of all ages interact on social media at any given hour.

Imagine the impact achieved by advertising and selling your products and services on social media.

At Social Media Marketing San Diego, we empower businesses through marketing them on all social media platforms you could possibly think about. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Pinterest, WhatsApp or even Skype (for businesses), we got you covered. We are a bonafide SMM company exclusively offering professional social media management for businesses through affordable packages, accessible to both big and small businesses, be it from the private sector or government-sponsored.


Most social media platforms are free for all. All people need to do is access the internet and download the said social media program or application, sign up and voila! With a constant internet connection, you have your free ticket to accessing the rest of the world.


Social media is accessible all around the globe, from any device, long as you have an internet connection. It’s the bridge to reach friends, acquaintances and business partners on the other side of the world.

On the Go

Social media is not only accessible on desktops. No. The largest percentage of users access it through their tablets, smartphones and laptops, on the go!


It provides a platform for engagement in productive conversations, quick-response chats and service/product inquiry.

Custom Social Media Solutions

Businesses are all different in their operations. Some provide services, some products. Some are for nonprofit, and some exist to make cash from their operations. While most are privately owned, some are government-sponsored. Not all social media strategies work for all businesses.The particulars from specific business operations dictate what and how to use the social media.

At Social Media Marketing San Diego, we offer custom social media solutions, specifically tailored to best fit your business. Our dedicated team of experts work hand in hand with our clients, understand the business in and out and create a customized plan that will see you exploit the fullest potential of social media strategies best for you. We exist to guide you on the right strategies for marketing your products and services. Not only do we guide you in selecting the right social media platforms for your brand, we also customize them in regards to content, design, administration, and much more.

Our custom social media solutions work, and work really well.

Free Social Media Consultation

Having a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram page for your business isn’t enough. First off, social media platforms operate differently. For instance, Twitter allows you to interact through a limited 140 characters. Instagram and Pinterest on the other hand, exclusively focus on photos and images. LinkedIn is purely a professional platform while YouTube works through videos and animated content. A strategy on one network won’t work so well on the other. You need the know-how and expertise to make the most of your social media platforms.

Having been in the business for quite a while, no other firm in San Diego, CA has the expertize and portfolio of formidable clients we’ve helped so far. Our strategies are effective; the best in the game. We offer social media consultation on the house. Get in touch with us for FREE social media tips and techniques on all social networks you wish to use, and the audience you wish to target.

5 Facts about SMM

1. SMM is Affordable

Social media marketing is really pocket-friendly, compared to other marketing strategies. Getting a 13-second ad on local TV networks or scoring a space to advertise on the local newspaper and magazines could leave you reeling in a financial crunch. Social media marketing on the other hand, utilizes the internet. That cuts down costs by more than half. Being 2017, the internet is cheap and easily accessible. That leaves you with management costs, which in comparison, is a huge bargain considering its impact and affordability.

2. SMM is Effective

In the famous words of rapper and business mogul Jay Z, “Numbers don’t lie”. Statistics show that currently, there are 2.46 billion social media users in 2017. That is literally 32.8% percent of the world’s population. While TV and Magazines are not as easily accessible to many, social media is. Effective social media marketing opens up your business to a whole new world. A larger market base with a chance of international trading. One post or advertisement on social media reaches millions of users way before it can reach thousands through TV or Print Media. Its impact is undeniable.

3. SMM is a full-time job

Effective social media marketing involves creating content relevant to your business and current events, active tracking of engagements on the said post by clients and responsible interaction with users, on all, and I mean all, social media platforms used by your company. Different audiences use different platforms. SMM involves actively promoting the same content in a manner that targets all age groups and social classes of users. Moreover, marketing the same content in context relevant to YouTube (videos), Instagram (photos), Twitter (140 characters) and Facebook (all rounded) requires a considerable amount of time invested in each. That being said, SMM should be treated like a full-time marketing job because it is one.

4. SMM works with Everyone

Social Media Marketing is effective when targeting all persons. Take Facebook for example, being the most popular with 1.98 billion users. People of ages 25-34 are the largest category of users closely followed by age groups 35-44 and 18-24 respectively. Age groups 25-34 and 35-44 are basically working class persons, potential investors and the market share with the highest buying potential. Ages 18-24 is mostly made up of college guys, interns, and millennials. They are responsible for most online trends and viral marketing, an important ingredient in SMM.

5. SMM is Alive

SMM is possibly the most “alive” marketing technique in existence. It gives content relevance to current events, social trends, and new booming techniques. For instance, memes are the most viral and dynamic content that can help your context relevant to today’s current events. Social media marketing takes advantage of such memes to get a picture of what is trending at a particular time. The information fetched is then used to relate the memes to your business in a form of marketing post. Trending topics reach more people than any other forms of ads.


  • I love making jewelry. I, however, didn’t know how to sell them to my fellow college kids since I hadn’t set shop yet. My roommate, however, hooked me up with a family member that had previously received services from Social Media San Diego. I was surprised to find they offer really affordable advertising services on Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram. I ended up paying a fair price for advertising and I have never regretted it. This was quite a while ago, and I always consider it as my starting point from which my now well-known jewelry shop first took off.

  • My brother and I started a pharmaceutical firm in downtown San Diego city. At the time, we didn’t have enough capital to pay for advertisement in the local newspaper or TV. Flyers and posters also proved to be ineffective. A friend hooked us up with Social Media Marketing San Diego. We took them through our business operations and they offered us a social media marketing management package. They took photos, collected information, had a look at our catalog and built us a really impressive Facebook and Instagram page. Clients now engage with us on those platforms and come for the prescribed drugs down at our store.

  • The time came for rebranding the firm after a merger. We, however, had a considerable risk of losing potential clients due to the new identity we had to acquire. After considerable research, we turned to Social Media Marketing San Diego. They did a tremendous job of working with our team to understand the services we offer and the implication the merger had on the services. They offered to manage all our social media marketing platforms during the transition. True to their promise, they maintained our reputation and even managed to expand our brand across all social media platforms. We owe them for maintaining our client base.

  • I quit my job at a well-known restaurant and ventured into my own food truck business. It took a while before my special recipes got the market reception I expected. That was until I heard of Social Media San Diego. I approached them and they set me up with a social media management plan for my business that, within a few weeks, saw clients long for the days I would make a stop in their areas just so that they could have a taste of my delicious great turkey bagels. I owe you guys for turning my business around!  

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