Social Media Brand Expansion

What is Brand Expansion?

Your company may have been in business for decades. It may have, in that time, received widespread admiration and a substantial amount of loyalty. But how do you transition all that to online platforms and ensure the same enthusiasm remains intact, or better yet, grows into a whole other level? 4 words; Social Media Brand Expansion. It’s the art of actively marketing and promoting a specific brand across several social media platforms in a bid to tap into a larger market. Brand expansion involves marketing the brand name together with its credibility and “goodwill” in order to instill the same customer loyalty to potential clients online. Social media marketing San Diego is the key to effective brand expansion. Our years of experience, having worked with major brands and companies have gained us the knowhow of brand expansion. Our techniques and tactics deliver results.

Why Social Media Brand Expansion is Important

Social media marketing San Diego believes that a company is the brand. Not the management, not the employees, not the product. The brand is more than a name. It is a unique identity. The name that separates you from your competitors and more so, the name that your customers are loyal to. A product’s or service’s brand is what earns it its credibility, its trust and in turn, customer loyalty. For instance, a well reputed company can release a new product under a name different from its renowned brand and record low sales. However, associating the new product with the renowned brand name will see a boost in sales since clients recognize the said brand and trust it.

Therefore, with the importance of the brand in mind, active social media marketing for business should ensure that the brand is the primal focus of the product campaigns and any other marketing activities done to advertise a company or business. Apart from marketing the unique identity, it markets along its credibility, customer loyalty and the trust it has earned over the years.

What entails Social Media Brand Expansion?

e already know that brand expansion is a marketing technique on social media that aims at marketing the company, and more so, the brand it’s known for across all social media pages the company owns. However, it is easier said than done. Social media marketing San Diego, however, knows just how to do it. We use customized social media for business management to do just that. We have techniques that ensure your brand’s credibility expands through productive marketing on social media.
This is how we do it:

1. Name branded URLs

We ensure that each social media platform the company owns has a customized URL with the brand name on it. That means that the URL on several platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or Instagram are customized with the same brand name the company owns. The ripple effect of this means that the usernames, handles and page titles will all have the same brand name, of course with very minor variations on symbol based characters. Your brand name stays intact across all platforms, carrying with it the unique identity, and with it, its customer loyalty and credibility.

2. Establishing the brand on emerging social media

While engaging on as many existing social media platforms is a great technique, being up to date with new and emerging social media platforms is just as important. Being among the first to engage on emerging social media presents the opportunity to score a handle or username free from symbol-based characters (underscores, hyphens or periods). Most clients will find your company easier without the symbol-based characters, thus actively expanding your brand. Moreover, it gives you first priority to register your company to feature in promotional ads if the social media network allows.

3. Actively fighting off and discrediting counterfeits and squatters

A renowned brand will always face squatters with counterfeit handles that look really close to your brand name. Such counterfeits may confuse existing and potential customers, give misleading information, or worse, mess up the credibility your firm has had over the years. Effective social media brand expansion involves fighting off unofficial accounts through active posting promoting the brand’s official page, account and handles. It also involves reporting counterfeit pages trying to discredit your brand.

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