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Facebook Explained

It would be a surprise if, in 2017, you mention “Facebook” and the other person looks at you blankly. Facebook is probably the most common social media known to man. Kids as young as 7 and adults aged 50 and above are using this game-changing application. Thanks to programmers Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow college mates, this application has taken the world by a storm since it was released back in the year 2004. It was a major turning point in how the world connects with each other.

This social media platform allows people to interact with literally anyone and everyone with a Facebook account, across the globe. Facebook requires users to register using valid phone numbers or email addresses after which the users build a profile to identify them. The profile includes a name, address, education and or occupation history etc. Users then interact with other users by adding them as friends.

Facebook allows interaction through public status updates that may be in form of videos, images or just plain text. Friends can like and posts comments on the status updates, creating a discussion /conversation among themselves. Users have the option of tagging their friends on the status updates they post to directly engage them in a conversation. It also has its own direct messaging platform known as Facebook Messenger that allows people to communicate privately. Moreover, businesses, celebrities, and social groups can create interactive fan pages from where the public can interact with the said page owners.

The social media network is available through their official website and application programs on Android, iOS and Windows 10.

Why SMM for Facebook?

With that deep understanding of Instagram, it’s clear why the social platform is a great tool for social media for business. Let’s break it down.

It’s perfect for marketing with photos & videos

Social media for business thrives in Instagram due to its primal focus of photos and videos. Businesses marketing their products and services can post photos of the products available and services offered, with a short caption of the product/service including the price and description.

The Numbers

What better platform to utilize for social media marketing than one offering the potential to reach over 1.9 billion users? Facebook is the most popular social media network in the world. The ridiculous number of users is made up of persons from all social classes, including local potential clients, international potential clients, and both local and international potential investors and sponsors. Facebook users are a market base with purchasing or investing power that businesses can tap to expand their operations.

Interactive Features

Social media marketing for Facebook has proven over the years to be more up-close and personal than any other platform. This is thanks to the interactive nature of the platform that allows commenting on posts in a conversation manner. Businesses simply have to create fan pages or official pages with their brand names to start interacting with their customers on a more personal level. Customer services like offering help in accessing services, complaints, compliments or general inquiries, not forgetting feedback, can be done just by a few clicks. A business that directly engages with its market builds trust, credibility, and social good will.

All round media capability’t lie

Statistics show that status updates and public posts with images and videos are most likely to be engaged in than those without. Facebook is ideal for social media marketing thanks to its policy that supports both digital photos, videos of plain text. Marketing and promotional posts can be accompanied by well-edited images to capture the attention of the readers. This is ideal for product offering companies that would love to market their products to the public.

Moreover, as a marketing strategy, short video clips teasing features of a product just about to be launched evoke the curiosity of potential buyers. We have used this strategy on Facebook for many of our clients before, and the results were outstanding.


Facebook favors social media marketing thanks to its nature of revenue. The social media network earns most of its revenue from advertising. The social network offers advertising services at a fee to businesses, both big and small, local or international at a considerable price. Records show that thanks to its huge number of users, the banner adverts on Facebook get clicked often than in any other social media. Businesses that seek social media marketing on Facebook through advertisements see an increase in traffic to their customer care pages; traffic with the potential to translate to sales.

Social media marketing for Facebook through active management services of the accounts and pages by Social Media San Diego team is the most effective social media strategy so far, in the history of all strategies used before.

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